Temporary Receivership

Our Receiver’s main objective is making an effort to protect the value of commercial properties during the foreclosure process. Syracuse Realty Group’s principal, Orazio Crisalli has managed all types of commercial real estate assets in the capacity of a court appointed Receiver for over 30 years pursuant to Part 36 of the Chief Judge.

Over the years many real estate attorneys, acting as Receivers have appointed Orazio as a Managing Agent to assist with their Receivership Services.

Receivership Objectives:

  • Secure the accounts and records to protect the integrity of the asset and income stream
  • Completed inspection of the property
  • Inform and meet tenants and vendors
  • Obtain and review records from the owner as well as establish the operation
  • Provide maintenance and accounting procedures and systems

After a comprehensive review of your real estate asset and the market position, we develop a strategic plan to enhance your property value, while strengthening the quality of services provided to your tenants. Look to us for a wide range of services, including asset management and preparation of mortgagee assuming ownership, the sale of mortgagees to investors, short-term asset management during settlement phase, site management for environmental assessment, full property control and protection.

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