106 South Main Street, North Syracuse, NY 13212

This building located at 106 South Main Street and at the corner of Ferguson Street was originally the residence of the well known Ferguson Family. For over one hundred years, this family played an important role in the Village of North Syracuse.

At this point in the 1950’s, a large building addition was constructed to the north facing side of the existing structure bringing the size to approximately 4,200 total s/f. The first floor was converted from a residence into commercial use and the 2nd floor became an apartment. Over the next 60 years, the space was occupied by multiple tenants before Syracuse Realty Group purchased it in 2007 and completely renovated the entire building.

Redevelopment Description

  • We purchased this building in 2007 with plans to hold it as an investment property. However, existing tenants moved on leaving us no option but to modify our development plans. We quickly determined that the best use of this building was to utilize the building’s historical significance. Therefore, our new renovation plans transformed the building into a village-style office space which became the home of Syracuse Realty Group.

  • Partners, Crisalli and Arcuri went to work designing a building that looked to the past but could be part of the Village’s future. In 2012 the Village of North Syracuse commissioned a Village Center Master Plan whereas the design features of 106 South Main Street were selected as the standard for future construction and renovation within the Village.
  • The exterior renovation included all new siding, trim details and roofing. The second story facade was removed and replaced with a rooftop patio which is used as an outdoor meeting space with our clients, partners and Investors.

  • Interior renovation consisted of the removal of all non-load bearing walls allow us to redesign the space into a more efficient office space for almost any type of business. All mechanicals including the heating, plumbing and electrical were upgraded to New York State Certified EnergyStar standards.


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