With a long history in the local real estate market, our brokers can determine the true market value of your property. We have represented businesses, buyers/sellers and individuals with a clear understanding that real estate is more often than not, a long term commitment. In addition, we have represented buyers/sellers by offering a variety of options during the negotiation process and with every deal in place we will perform the necessary due diligence with your best interest in mind. We will see through every transaction from start to finish.

Syracuse Realty Group also brokers the sales of businesses and we can prepare business plans often requested by lenders and investors for our clients. If needed, we will create a strategic marketing plan by using targeted online or print marketing methods. Our vast networking resources give us the capability to reach out to businesses and individuals with qualified real estate interests.


Whether you are developing a new location for your own business or looking for investment property, the road ahead can seem overwhelming. There are many complex steps in the development process: site selections, communication with the governing municipality, right-to-build process, engineers, architects, contractors, banks/loans, and many others. The professionals at Syracuse Realty Group can help in guiding you every step of the way.


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